Winnie the Pooh Personal Checks

Winnie the Pooh Checks

Winnie the Pooh Checks

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Winnie the Pooh and his friends never fail to brighten the day of little children and they can help brighten your day up as well. Thanks to Winnie the Pooh Personal checks you can make sure that you have Pooh and his friends with you all the time. Your day will surely be brighter when you open your checkbook to find Pooh and friends smiling brightly at you. Making a decision on which design to choose will not be easy with four cute designs to pick from.

Try the classic Winnie the Pooh design with just Pooh alone standing set on a pink background and surrounded by light colored flowers in the back ground. You can also try a peach background with Tigger and Pooh standing together waving happily. You get the same floral background with this design. For less feminine colors you can go with a light blue background showing Pooh, Tigger, piglet and Eyore all huddled together. Finally a light violet background provides the perfect for Pooh and piglet sitting and watching a butterfly.

You’ll surely be happy with any of these four designs. You can be sure that you will get it exactly as you see since all checks are printed in full color and on high quality paper to ensure that it lasts that way. You can also be sure that all the standard check features will be included such as your name and address as well as your bank’s name. Check numbers are also provided.