Tinkerbell Personal Checks

Tinkerbell Checks

Tinkerbell Checks

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Fairies are among the most loved characters and creatures around; this brings to mind a little pixie that is very popular and part of the movie Peter Pan. Who could ever forget the beautiful and feisty Tinkerbell? If you are a fan of this one of a kind pixie then you can take her along with you wherever you go, thanks to Tinkerbell Personal Checks. With 8 great designs to choose from , you’ll find it hard to decide which one to get.

Try to decide among four similar designs that all feature Tinkerbell in different poses and with different flowers. You can choose from having her blow pixie dust, standing akimbo, touching her wing or dusting off her hands. Each of these poses come with their own colors- pink, blue, green or lavender. Different flowers are used for each design too, set on a white background. If you would rather have something different then you can choose from four equally beautiful checks set in a full color background. These too feature Tinkerbell in different poses and makes use of different colors. Plants and flowers surround the background to add to the designs.

You can expect all of these checks to be printed in full color on high quality paper. Each one will also have the standard requirements that all regular checks have. Your name and address will be available for printing on the upper left hand corner and the check number will be on the upper right hand corner.