Sleeping Beauty Personal Checks

Sleeping Beauty Checks

Sleeping Beauty Checks

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Finding a fairy tale in your life is no longer limited to movies, most especially if you have a Sleeping Beauty personal check. Now you too can bring back the story of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip as they fall in love in the woods. Remember how Maleficent put Princess Aurora to sleep for a hundred years yet is defeated when Prince Philip finds sleeping beauty and wakes her with his kiss. As you journey through this favorite fairy pick from three designs.

If you are feeling a little dark and on the side of the antagonists then you will surely be intrigued with the design that has Maleficent in it. With a yellow background and green border you’re sure to get chills down your spine with three pictures of her throughout the check. You can also choose to pick one with the classic picture of Prince Philip waking Princess Aurora with his kiss, set in a blue background with stars to complete the look. Smaller pictures of the three fairies, and Princess Aurora and the cottage are also found. The last choice that you have features the castle of sleeping beauty set on a blue background bordered by stars with a picture of Aurora at the upper left hand corner near your name.

The choice is yours to make, but you will surely make Sleeping Beauty’s story come to life with every check that you write. All checks are printed in full color to make sure that the magic is captured.