Pinocchio Personal Checks

Pinocchio Checks

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Do you recall the story of the wooden boy who wanted to become a real boy? Who wouldn’t remember this story when it teaches you that you should always tell the truth. We all know now that your nose won’t really grow longer but many still treasure the wonderful story of Pinocchio. There’s no better way for you to remember this classic children’s tale than through your checkbook. With the Pinocchio personal check you’ll always remember this wonderful story. No matter how old you are, you can always look back and remember the value sin this story.

Done in a light brown color you will find a light colored border that resembles carvings on wood; and there is no better way to remind you of Geppetto’s occupation than through this. In the middle you will find a picture of both Geppetto and Pinocchio before he was turned into a real boy. Set in the workshop, it depicts Geppetto and his cat looking at Pinocchio and checking to see if he is indeed alive.

You will get more than just a check that has a wonderful picture on it with the Pinocchio personal check. You will also be sure to get good quality since all checks are printed on fine paper in full color. The image that you see today will be the same even as time passes by. You will also be able to easily identify your checks thanks to the name and address printed on the left hand corner.