Peter Pan Personal Checks

Peter Pan Checks

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Feel young all the time and go back to the time when you were a child with Peter Pan personal checks. This character who never wants to grow old can be with you all the time and can make you feel young as well. All youíll need to do is open your checkbook and you can be reminded of Never Neverland where all children stay children forever. Remember the adventures of Peter with Wendy, John and Michael with the lost boys as they try to escape Captain Hook.

You get full color printed checks that are set on high quality paper to ensure that it lasts long and stays the way it is. A light indigo background features a rope border to enclose the design. Inside you will find pictures of Wendy, peter, Michael and John as they fly through the night with the light of the moon. A combination of the night sky and some greenery are on either side of the check.

You donít just get a pretty picture that will make you feel young again as you recall memories of one of the favorite childrenís stories through time. Your Peter Pan personal checks will also come with your name printed on the upper left hand corner with your address below it. Check numbers will be provided at the upper right hand corner just like with standard checks. You will also find the name of your Bank or financial institution on the lower left of each of your checks.