The Chronicles of Narnia Personal Checks

Narnia Checks

Narnia Checks

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Follow the adventures of this series through The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe and Prince Caspian. Whether you are anticipating the release f the third installment of the series or are already a fan of the first two, you can make these adventures come true for you. With the Chronicles of Narnia Personal Checks, you donít have to wait anymore or watch the movies again. Every time you open your checkbook youíll be taken back into the enchanted place where the stories took place.

You can choose from two designs to bring your checkbooks to life. A peach background with flowers and vines throughout it sets the stage for the seal used in this movie which is placed in the middle. The seal is done in a light red. You can also pick the old rose colored design which sets the background for the unicorn which is also part of the movie. The unicorn stands underneath an arch of flowers, and there are flowers around the other areas as well in a light color. Both these designs will surely take you on an adventure like never before.

All checks are printed in full color and quality paper; these are also made with standard functions like regular checks. You name and address are provided on the upper left hand corner while the name of your bank or financial institute will be found on the lower left hand area. A check number will be placed at the upper right hand corner just like standard checks.