Mickey Mouse Personal Checks

Mickey Mouse Checks

Mickey Mouse Checks

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Are you one for classic cartoons? Then there is nothing more fitting for you than a Mickey Mouse personal check. Whether you want something that shows off the original Mickey Mouse or today’s improved version, you will find something you lie with the three designs that you can choose from.

Start with a picture of the Mickey Mouse that you know today set in a two-tone background of light yellow and light blue. Of course you will find the Mickey icons spread throughout this background. Too add a more color this is surrounded by a checkered border on the top and bottom and blue borders in the side with Mickey icons as well. If what you are looking for is a classic look then the Mickey and Minnie design should be perfect for you. In the middle you will find the classic sketches of both Mickey and Minnie put against a cartoon strip background done in aqua. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a Mickey Mouse picture on the upper left hand corner beside your name and address. Another option to this classic cartoon strip background is an equally classic cartoon strip background featuring different cartoons. In the middle of this sepia colored background are Mickey and his two best pals Donald and Goofy looking like they are dancing.

All checks are printed out on high quality paper and in full color to ensure that your Mickey Mouse experience lasts for a long time with each check that you write.