Cinderella Personal Checks

Cinderella Checks

Cinderella Checks

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Cinderella is one of the most popular love stories from Disney, and now you can carry every moment of this magical story with you through a Cinderella Personal Check. Feel the magic and transform your own check blah to grand just like Cinderella. You won’t need a fairy godmother to do this, just choose from any of the two designs that are available and see your checks make their magical transformation.

Based on the classic colors of Cinderella, you’ll find a blue background with a mixture of lavender. Around this is an abundance of stars that gives it a truly enchanted feeling. Pictured in the center is Cinderella herself, standing as she is changed by her fairy godmother. Of course none of this would be complete with other items from the story. The castle stands behind her, as well as the coach. Another image of her wearing rags is placed beside the pumpkins and mice. Of course, her fairy god mother is beside her, ready to help her with all her needs. On the lower right corner is a picture of Cinderella and prince charming dancing the night away.

If you would like something different but Justas enchanting, try the other design. Bordered in stars and with a blue background as well, you’ll find Cinderella’s castle in the middle with vast hills and trees below it. Just beside your name and address at the upper left hand corner you’ll find a picture of Cinderella dancing in her beautiful blue dress.