Alice in Wonderland Personal Checks

Alice in Wonderland Checks

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Walk right down through the rabbit hole and into the magical world of Alice in wonderland. Take yourself into another place where lots of surprises await you as you journey through different places with Alice in wonderland checks. If you have long been a fan of this Disney movie filled with wonder and magic, then these checks will surely remind you of your favorite movie. Taken from one of the most amusing scenes of this movie is the background that you will find on our Alice in wonderland check. Who could ever forget that tea party with the Mad Hatter? Feel as though you are sitting right there with them thanks to the soft burgundy color of the check. On the sides of the check you will find a border resembling pleats on a table cloth that will remind you of the long table set up in the cartoon. In the middle is a picture of Alice as she watches in amusement as the mad hatter pours her a cup of tea. Behind her is the hare with which the Mad Hatter celebrates his party.

Now you donít have to sit down to tea just to be part of their tea party. You can be part of Aliceís adventures each time you take out your checkbook. All checks are printed in full color that lasts long so you can be sure to see this picture clearly with each check that you use. It is also printed on high quality paper.